Luncheons and Bridge are on Tuesdays.

Business Meetings are on first Wednesdays.

Board Meetings are on third Wednesdays.


Upcoming Events:

Aug 7          Our Arroyo Neighbors Nat’l Nite Out
Sept 5         Membership Reception on the Terrace
Sept 22       Summers End Party “Arabian Nights”
Oct 3           Toy Drive Kick-off
Oct 20         130th Anniversary Party “Golden Age Gala”
Nov 24        Cinnamon Soiree and Tree Trimming
Dec 2           Shakespeare Club Christmas Party “Hark!”
Jan 13          Bridal Open House “Something Blue”
Feb 5           Queens Luncheon hosting Rose Court
Apr 13         Fashion Show fundraising for Scholarships
May 21        Scholarship Luncheon