Club President_Janet BeggsArchitecturally interested, I had always been fascinated by this beautiful building on Grand Avenue.  At a Pasadena Museum of History event I saw a table that said “Shakespeare Club” and introduced myself.  I was asked, “Would you like to come see the Villa?”  You could not have said more magical words to me!  From the moment I walked through those beautiful front doors, my life has been transformed.  I work in a professional environment where they do everything they can to squelch my personality (ha).  But HERE, they saw something in me that I didn’t even see in myself.  HERE my creativity was admired and encouraged.  HERE I saw long time, close friends who supported each other thru lifetimes as they also supported their community.  HERE I have even been on stage and learned choreography.  HERE there is always something happening.  HERE there is comradery, fascinating people . . . and wine.

Janet Beggs, President