Philanthropic – Cultural – Social
We believe in the multi-generational wisdom of women.

Established in 1888 as a literary study group – hence the name – the Shakespeare Club is one of the first women’s clubs in the West!  The organization quickly became community-oriented and philanthropic and we continue that work today.   As  more  and  more  women’s   clubs  have  succumbed,
we continue, we endure, and we thrive.  There is a reason for that. We are a group of interested and interesting women who may walk in the door for different reasons, but we become friends.  The Club’s structure provides opportunity for many interests and many ways to grow.  Some join as a young bride and some join after retiring; some join because they are looking for a bridge game; or because they are drawn to opportunities to perform; or because they find the Villa a compelling and fascinating place.  All bring a multitude of interests, talents, and skills and many lifelong friendships have been built here.