Built as the mansion home of a patron of the arts, this 1928 Italianate Villa has earned the City’s designation as an Architectural Landmark. Located just off Pasadena’s fabled Millionaire’s Row, its generously sized rooms include a Grand Hall, Living Room, and Ballroom, as well as a fountained Terrace with a backdrop of mature palm trees. Three distinctive baronial fireplaces, wrought iron chandeliers, and areas of stained glass windows give you a period feel when you need it. The Villa dresses up or dresses down beautifully but its elegant bones always shine through. Still photographers will find many nooks and crannies both inside and out to provide beautiful backgrounds. Photo libraries are listed with the Pasadena Film Commission, Home Shoot Home, and Meyler & Co. Inc.
In support of filming in this popular neighborhood, we also offer our parking lot for 30 (more vehicles when stacked), our restrooms, makeup, rest and luncheon areas. Both your talent and production staffs will appreciate the peaceful space we can provide.
A percentage of all filming income is directed toward philanthropy and community projects of the Shakespeare Club. We welcome your inquiry and are prepared to work with you.
For more information and pricing, contact us at:
Attn: Film & Photoshoot Coordinator